Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Pastors love your money more than your soul

I was walking down Session Road,Baguio City one afternoon when I happen to pass by a Caucasian holding a big cardboard. Written in its surface are the following words,"Your pastor loves your money more than your soul." I asked this person,Jonathan Hopper, why he is doing this thing. He said that many pastors are getting the money of poor parishioners for their own purpose (that is, to buy cars and finance ambitious projects) instead of using church money to help the poor,widows, and orphans.

If there is truth in what Hopper was claiming, what then is religion? Another business? Where is salvation? Why is it so illusive?

It would seem that many church leaders are presenting salvation in terms of tithing or giving instead of preparing their members for the unseen; that salvation is pegged on material things, not on faith.


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